woman in the blue dress.

pb: natalie dormer
cv: mystique
gmt, 3rd person storybook
adult or ftb (scenes)
open to plotting

full name Raven Oma Serreau

date of birth (age) 09/24/83 (32)
hometown Woodville, MS
residence boston, ma
occupation painting
status bub
tattoos lower right back, left forearm
Raven Serreau
At the beginning, Robert and Bernadette Serreau were the happiest couple in the world. They settled down in a small bayou city, Woodville, Mississippi. Robert worked as a police officer, and Bernadette worked as a waiteress at the local diner. The two of them moved down from Jackson, Mississippi, because the city was a bit too much for them to handle.

The couple found news that they were expecting, and since the two were well known in the small town. Everyone made sure that Bernadette was taking it easy. September 24th, Raven was born. The couple named her due to their liking of Edgar Allan Poe's poem. There were complications due to tearing, Raven was quite a chunky baby. She weighed 10 pounds evenly and her length was 22 inches.

Doctors had measured wrong, but Bernadette was just fine after having to go through a hysterectomy. The couple was disappointed that they were unable to produce another child, but they were blessed to have Raven. She had piercing blue eyes and bald as can be. She had only a couple of issues growing up. Around the back of her neck and on her arms, Eczema was extreme. She had an elongated colon which led her to have to take softeners to help her stay regulated.

At the age of 2, she finally started growing hair. It was a darker tone blond color. She was quite a spitfire in her toddler years. She always wanted to play outdoors and ride her tricycle around the town. She would go to her mother at work and sit in the corner coloring. She had the kind of childhood everyone could imagine. She lived in a house that was painted blue with white shutters. There was a tire swing in the front yard, and the neighbors were always wanting to watch her.

As she starting hitting puberty, Raven was blossoming into quite some woman. She went from being short to being 5'9''. She got the height from her mother's side of the family. She was actively in cheerleading throughout her childhood and high school. She traveled at least two hours to the nearest gymnasium for gymnastics. Her parents spoiled her and gave her whatever she asked. It was becoming more and more of an issue.

During her senior year without her parents knowing, Raven ended up pregnant but miscarried at 8 weeks. It did a number on her because she had no idea how it had happened. Contraceptives were used and she was even on birth control. She didn't want to be one of those struggling mom's. She swore of dating for the rest of her high school year. Her relationship with her boyfriend faded along with her emotions. The incident made her see life in a different perspective which led her to seem more arrogant. She looked down to a lot of people who tried too hard to seek her attention.

After getting a scholarship to Ole Miss, she welcomed a new life. She was going to leave the small town behind because Raven felt as if she belonged somewhere else. She went to school and got engaged during her Sophomore year of school. Marriage after she graduated, and the man wanted her to be a stay at home wife. It was going to cut it. No one could tell her what to do. She ended up pregnant once more, but this time she was 30 weeks. It did a number on her. Jealousy came into her life more and more as she saw couples with a newborn. She figured maybe the pregnancy would help him change his mind on the whole thing. He blamed her and slapped her. There was no way that Raven was going to be apart of any sort of abuse.

Raven left and filed for divorce. She was back in her hometown once again. She had graduated and was living in her parents house once again. This wasn't right. The school wasn't even hiring for teachers, and all she could do was substitute. She felt suffocated in Woodville. There had to be a way out, but there was a man that had came into town. He was a fresh face, only passing through. She felt some kind of spark when she saw him, and instinct was telling her that she needed to bribe him into letting her join him. It worked. She followed. The man surprisingly wasn't a murderer, but traveling to different cities and seeking adventure.

The two wed, just so she could get insurance at the time. It was strictly non-romantic. She didn't feel anything for the man which caused a bit of confusion. Usually something would have kindled between the two, but her emotions shut him out as he probably tried. She never noticed. Her attention went to other men and women. It made her feel horrible at first because she did care for the guy who was helping her out.

Her past life was gone. She told her parents that she needed a way out, and there was something pulling her a different way. Raven ended up in Boston with the gentleman. They divorced because it was more of a business transaction. She got an apartment with the help of her ex-husband, and she got a flat-mate also. Everything started picking up in her life, Raven got a job at a high school.

After being in Boston, she doesn't want to leave. She has found home. Raven has had numerous of failed relationships. She isn't looking for marriage. It was probably causing a burden on her partner, but she had left without a goodbye in October of 2014. It hurt, she was numb. Raven is stuck to work and her friends helped her through everything.

Little is known about Mystique's past due to the fact that she can eliminate the outward signs of aging with her shapeshifing; it is not known exactly how old she is. She apparently learned to use her powers at a very early age which made her family fear her, for there is no evidence known to the public or the government that Raven Darkholme ever looked like anything but a normal human being.

According to Mystique herself her powers manifested when she was twelve years old and she had to fight just to survive.